Universal Diesel M25-XP Starting procedures

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Universal Diesel M25-XP Starting procedures

Postby Captain-Dennis » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:02 am

A) Open Cooling Water Seacock in engine compartment (Open Seacock is when handle is parallel with hose)
B) Take keys off of Sea Cock in engine compartment
C) Place transmission in NEUTRAL
D) Move Throttle control slightly forward
E) Turn and hold key switch to ON (2 O’clock position) for 30 seconds. This will PREHEAT the diesel. While the key is STILL to ON (2 O’clock position), press the START button. This will engage the starter. Upon engine starting, release the START switch.
F) Should the engine not start when the START switch is depressed for 10 to 20 seconds, release both switches and wait 30 seconds; repeat the procedure above and preheat longer. Never run the starter for more than 30 seconds.

A) Check cooling system. Make sure water pump is operating by checking for water coming out of exhaust pipe with exhaust gases. Temperature on gauge should gradually increase to 165°F to 195°F.
A) Charging System: Check Voltmeter, it should read 12.5 to 14.5 volts, indicating alternator is working.

CAUTION: When shifting the transmission, always reduce the engine rpm to idle, then shift the transmission firmly from one direction to another. A slight pause in neutral will allow the propeller to slow. Shifting at high rpm will damage the transmission/damper plate.

Idle RPM 1,000–1,200 Cruise RPM 2,100–2,600 Maximum RPM 3,100–3,200
Temperature 165°F to 195°F Voltmeter, it should read about 14.5 volts

A) To stop the engine, bring the throttle to an idle position and place the transmission in neutral. Allow the engine to idle for a few moments to stabilize temperatures.
B) Pull the STOP lever to shut down the engine. When engine has stopped, PUSH it BACK in.
C) Then turn OFF the key to close down the electric fuel pump and accessories. Made certain the key switch is in the OFF position (12 o'clock). If the Key Switch is left ON, the battery will discharge.
D) If done with engine for the day, Remove the key from the Key Switch after stopping the engine. Hang key in engine compartment in cabin on seacock handle. Turn OFF Seacock. (Seacock is turned off when the handle is 90 degrees from hose.)

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